The power of speaking out

This week on a 6 a.m. public radio station news I heard the broadcaster say that President Obama "and his wife" are in Europe.

They are on Official Government Business.

I wrote an email to the station's news manager; he blamed AP "who should have known [her official title] better," and apologized he hadn't caught it.

This morning on the 6 a.m. public radio station news that same broadcaster read, "President Obama and The First Lady."

Elizabeth Ellis

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'official' title

oh elizabth, how wrong you are. the wife, or in the future perhaps, the husband of the president of the united states has absolutely no official title whatsoever.

'first lady' is a courtesy only and the first woman to be called that wasn't even a wife of a president. the neice of bachelor president james buchanan, harriet lane acted as hostess to her uncle at official government functions at the white house.

unless mrs obama goes on the payroll as a government officer, she will never be on 'official government business'.

facts are wonderful things and so very easy to check.