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Friday, August 22 2014

My Horrifying Youth Cabaret 08/22/2014 - 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Part empowering group-therapy, part collective shame-fest, this is your chance to explain the many awkward, blemished, brace-faced, first love, last dance moments of youth!

MixedPerception presents King "Arthur: A Picnic Operetta" 08/22/2014 - 7:00pm

A punk retelling of Henry Purcell’s 1684 English Baroque opera.

Utopiacopia 08/22/2014 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Attention passengers!  This summer our spaceship departs from Bryant-Lake Bowl, nonstop to Utopiacopia, the planet of dreams!  Our expert flight attendant will take you on a journey throu

River City Revue: Hastings and Prescott Canoe Trip 08/22/2014 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

“Canoe along the Mississippi River through Prescott and Hastings on voyageur canoes!”

Exhibit: A Right to Establish a Home 08/22/2014 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

A Right to Establish a Home examines the history behind a series of menacing protests that enveloped 4600 Columbus Avenue South, Minneapolis following the property’s purchase in August 1931 by Arthur and Edith Lee. The young African-American couple chose to buy a house in what many then considered a “white neighborhood.” The exhibition interprets the protests and responses in the broader context of race and housing in Minneapolis, racism in Minnesota, and the individuals and organizations that defended the Lees, including the NAACP and the distinguished attorney Lena Olive Smith.

Migration Along the Borders: A Conversation with the Mexican Consul 08/22/2014 - 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Join us in August as we discuss the current structural immigration reality with Alberto Fierro, Mexican Consul in St.

Marvelous Minecraft Camp 08/22/2014 (All day)

Journey into the Nether or the land of mushrooms as we design and build art blocks for a beARTrageous minecraft city. Extended care available.

Super Switch Thursday 08/21/2014 - 9:06pm - 08/22/2014 - 2:06am


The Loft


Khecari at SooVAC 08/21/2014 - 7:30pm - 08/22/2014 - 7:30pm

Chicago based contemporary dance company come to Minneapolis to show two excerpted dance works with live music reformatted for a gallery setting, Esther & the Omphali and cresset: vibrant, rust

Wahl looking for the Man of Minneapolis at MN State Fair 08/21/2014 - 10:00am - 08/23/2014 - 8:00pm

Minneapolis is among the most facial hair friendly cities, so Wahl’s mobile barbershop is coming to town. Guys can visit the 30-foot mobile barbershop for a FREE facial hair trim and style advice.

2014 Minnesota State Fair 08/21/2014 (All day) - 09/01/2014 (All day)

The Minnesota State Fair is one of the largest and best-attended expositions in North America, attracting nearly 1.8 million visitors annually. In addition to being a showcase for Minnesota’s finest agriculture, art and industry, the fair features hundreds of entertainment options including music all around the fairgrounds; educational exhibits; hands-on experiences; more than 60 carnival rides; thousands of competitions; 11 nights of Grandstand shows; and more than 450 different foods.

Craig Edwards: Pottery / Anita Ophoven: Works on Paper 08/21/2014 (All day) - 09/26/2014 (All day)

Raymond Avenue Gallery proudly presents the pottery of Craig Edwards and the Works on Paper by Anita Ophoven.

The Book of Mormon 08/20/2014 (All day) - 09/07/2014 (All day)

The New York Times calls it "the best musical of this century." Washington Post says, "It is the kind of evening that restores your faith in musicals." And Entertainment Weekly says, "grade A

Art on Stage Summer Camp 08/18/2014 (All day) - 08/22/2014 (All day)

Explore the creative world of theater and visual arts. Children work together to create scenery, costumes and props while staging a theater production. Performance is held the last day.

Signature Moves: Perci Chester 08/09/2014 (All day) - 09/20/2014 (All day)

An exhibition of sculpture and prints by Perci Chester

Candid Theater Co. Presents: Proof 08/08/2014 (All day) - 08/24/2014 (All day)

“Proof” focuses on Catherine played by Kendall Ann Thompson (“Killer Joe”)* the daughter of recently deceased Robert played by Steven Flam (“Never the Sinner”)* who may or may not be plagued by the same mathematical genius that eventually drove her father insane. When her father’s former protégé Hal played by Michel Terrell Brown (“Dogwood”)* discovers a “Proof” in her father’s study Catherine must defend the proof and its authorship to both Hal and her older sister Claire played by Katherine Prebel (“Dogwood”, “Never the Sinner”, “Killer Joe”)*. She must also defend herself and her decision to follow in her father’s mathematical footsteps, while insistent that she is not domed follow the same perilous path.

TuckUnder Projects presents "Paint No Wrong Paint No Right" 07/31/2014 (All day) - 08/31/2014 (All day)

TuckUnder Projects is pleased to announce the duo painting exhibition Paint No Wrong Paint No Right, featuring the work of Justine Di Fiore & Samuel Bjorgum. An opening reception will take place at TuckUnder Projects Thursday, July 31, 6-9 p.m. The exhibitions run from Thursday, July 31 – Sunday, August 31, with unstructured hours Wednesday through Sunday, and by appointment.

Rosa Mexicano Annual Ice Cream Festival 07/31/2014 (All day) - 08/24/2014 (All day)

This summer Rosa Mexicano will keep things cool with their annual Ice Cream Festival, featuring Flavors of Mexico a la Mode: desserts inspired by classic sa

Radical Presence: Black Performance in Contemporary Art 07/24/2014 (All day) - 01/04/2015 (All day)

This groundbreaking exhibition is the first comprehensive survey of performance art by black artists working from the perspective of the visual arts from the 1960s to the present.

"Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike" at the Guthrie Theater 07/19/2014 (All day) - 08/31/2014 (All day)

In this hilarious comedy of ill manners, the 2013 Tony Award winner for Best Play, Vanya and his adopted sister Sonia are living a quiet life in the Pennsylvania farmhouse where they grew up, while their sister Masha travels the world as a movie star. Just as their cleaning woman issues a warning about terrible events in their future, Masha returns for an unannounced visit with her 20-something boy toy Spike in tow – and so begins an unforgettable weekend building to a fever pitch of rivalry, regret and racket. Mixing Chekhov sensibilities with modern cringe-worthy flair, Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike is a delightfully off-kilter summer romp that critics have hailed "a sublime state of hilarity" and "a zany joy!"

Marks of Genius: 100 Extraordinary Drawings from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts 07/13/2014 (All day) - 09/21/2014 (All day)

Over its 100-year history, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts has amassed an extensive collection of works on paper.

COLOR + DESIGN 07/11/2014 - 6:00pm - 09/30/2014 - 5:00pm


Drawings by Lisa Rydin Erickson

Photographs by Angie Wiseman



Minneapolis Made Here 07/11/2014 (All day) - 12/31/2014 (All day)

With Made Here, Hennepin Theatre Trust showcases Minnesota’s wealth of artistic talent to activate the vibrant downtown Minneapolis Cultural District. From locally created visual displays in vacant storefronts, to pop-up parks and art galleries and live performances in commercial spaces, the rich diversity of the Twin Cities’ cultural community is front and center for all to share.

The Wolf of Walmart 07/03/2014 - 7:30pm - 11/01/2014 - 8:00pm

Not one to follow the pack, the cast of "The Wolf of Walmart" will show its cunning as it hunts down the humor in all areas of pop culture, politics, and everyday life, mining it all for this

"Bleu Shut" at the Walker Art Center 07/01/2014 (All day) - 08/31/2014 (All day)

Bleu Shut pokes fun at spectators’ impatience with experimental cinema by having an on-screen clock count down the film’s running time” (Chicago Reader<

"My Fair Lady" at the Guthrie Theater 06/28/2014 (All day) - 08/31/2014 (All day)

The story, the songs, the characters -- you know and love them. Now, for the first time in Guthrie history, see them come to life in a spectacular new production. Professor Henry Higgins loves language. Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle yearns to speak like a lady. Sparks fly when his curiosity and her determination launch a daring social experiment designed to turn a lower-class ugly duckling into a high-society swan -- with unexpected results for both of them.

Around The World In 80 Days 06/20/2014 (All day) - 10/27/2014 (All day)

A simple handshake locks Phileas Fogg into an outrageous, seemingly impossible wager to circle the entire globe in only 80 days. Every step puts his fortune - and his life - in danger.

Summer Group Show 2014 06/14/2014 - 12:00pm - 09/06/2014 - 4:00pm

Summer Group Show 2014


Featuring the artists of the Kolman & Pryor Gallery:

Betsy Ruth Byers: Painting

Kate Casanova: Collage

Jim Dryden: Painting

Christian Marclay: The Clock 06/14/2014 (All day) - 08/25/2014 (All day)

The Clock is a major cinematic work by New York–based artist Christian Marclay. Winner of the Golden Lion award at the 2011 Venice Biennale,The Clock samples thousands of excerpts from the history of film that indicate the passage of time—from clock towers to wristwatches to buzzing alarm clocks—that the artist has edited together to unfold on the screen in real time as a 24-hour montage.

Art Expanded, 1958–1978 at the Walker Art Center 06/14/2014 (All day) - 03/08/2015 (All day)

Drawn from the Walker’s extensive collection of artworks, films, archival materials, and ephemera, this exhibition explores the many facets of the so-called “expanded arts” scene of the 1960s and ’70s, charting a transformational phase in the history of 20th-century art when artists around the world collectively began to challenge, critique, and upend traditional media and disciplines. The teachings of John Cage, the emergence of event scores and Happenings, the dissemina­tion of Fluxus material and editions, and the embrace of conceptualism, performance, video, television, avant-garde film, and experimental music—all of these factors in the context of a rapidly changing world influenced artists and thinkers as they tested art’s evolving status as object, information, and experience.

Creative Dissent: Arts of the Arab World Uprisings 06/05/2014 - 6:00pm - 08/23/2014 - 6:00pm

Mizna & Intermedia Arts present

Creative Dissent: Arts of the Arab World Uprisings

Exhibition Dates: June 5-August 23

Toys of the '50s, '60s and '70s at the Minnesota History Center 05/24/2014 (All day) - 01/04/2015 (All day)

Gumby. Barbie. Slinky. Mr. Potato Head. Wham-O. Spirograph. Hot Wheels. The names of popular toys from the 1950s, '60s and '70s capture the craziness, the joy, the sheer fun of being a kid.

The Diastema Project: There is Much to Be Said About a Gap-Toothed Grin 05/12/2014 (All day) - 09/08/2014 (All day)

Depending on where you call home, a space between your front teeth may be the sign of a lustful nature, good fortune or the highest form of beauty.

THEATER ALL YEAR | Commonweal Theatre presents "Arsenic & Old Lace" 05/09/2014 (All day) - 09/09/2014 (All day)

Looks can be deceiving! Everything seems normal and serene in the home of spinster sisters Abby and Martha Brewster - famous in their Brooklyn neighborhood for hospitality and charity.

Storm Drain Stenciling with FMR 04/21/2014 (All day) - 10/13/2014 (All day)

If you're looking for a great service outing that is educational, active, outdoors and provides a significant community benefit, consider storm drain stenciling!

"The Little Mermaid" at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres 03/07/2014 (All day) - 08/30/2014 (All day)

In a magical kingdom beneath the sea, a beautiful young mermaid named Ariel longs to leave her ocean home to live in the world above.

Ultimate Dinosaurs at the Science Museum of Minnesota 03/01/2014 (All day) - 08/24/2014 (All day)

Ultimate Dinosaurs, a huge new exhibition featuring 20 fascinating specimens from the other side of the world, will open at the Science Museum on March 1.

Science & Engineering Summer Camps at The Works Museum 06/09/2013 - 9:00am - 08/29/2014 - 4:00pm

Camps for girls and boys in grades K-7 who love to explore, design, and build!

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