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Reaping the whirlwind

The tears were streaming down my cheeks as I walked towards the shuttered iron gates in front of the Iowa National Guard base in Des Moines.


Tibetans march on 55th National Uprising Day

Tibetans march through Downtown Minneapolis Tuesday to mark the 55th Tibetan national uprising anniversary. (Photos by Tendar Tsering)

Several hundred Tibetans from Minnesota traveled to Chicago on Tuesday to mark the 55th Tibetan National Uprising anniversary with a protest in front of the Chinese Consulate.


Humbly musing on borrowed ideas that somehow ended up on my hard-drive…

“I loved my mother and father, not because they were perfect parents, but because despite whatever lenses they saw the world through, they held me in the deepest part of their hearts.” They struggled, with much effort, in extremely difficult circumstances, to give me the best of what they had materially, spiritually and intellectually. I certainly didn’t understand this on too many occasions as I was growing up and moving into my own adulthood, but now I see more clearly as I push toward 70 years. And yes, I am laughing out loud as I write this now!


Holding up several worlds at once

I am leaving in a week to return to home-home Minnesota. I want to acknowledge my Sister Elsa Hiwet Hidaru's kindness and generosity in making this once in a lifetime experience possible. I hope all of you, my family and friends, would send loving and healing energy to her.


Live from Geneva! It's crunch time for the United Nations' examination of the U.S. human rights record

The Advocates for Human Rights has a booth at the Minnesota State Fair every year. We have a wheel that fairgoers spin to take a shot at answering a question on a human rights topic. Last year, one question was a real stumper: “When will the United Nations next review the human rights record of the United States?” “Never” was the common response. The correct answer? Now. This week, a 32-person delegation of U.S. officials will appear before the UN’s Human Rights Committee in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss human rights here at home.


Leymah Gbowee to keynote Nobel Peace Prize Forum

Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee will give the closing keynote address at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis on Sunday, March 9 2014. (Photo: Nobel Peace Prize Forum)

Leymah Gbowee, Liberian peace activist and 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner is the keynote speaker this coming Sunday, March 9 at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum’s ‘Global Day’, being held at the University of Minnesota’s Tedd Mann concert Hall at 4:15PM.


The Dalai Lama at Macalester

This morning all my social media feeds are full of photos of His Holiness the Dalai Lama wearing his usual monastic robes—plus a blue Macalester baseball cap.


His Holiness, The 14th Dalai Lama at the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis

Give yourself a gift this week, and enroll for one or more days of the rest of the Nobel Peace Prize Forum at Augsburg College, Minneapolis MN (Friday through Sunday Mar 7-9). Here’s up to the minute information.


Bangladeshi workers seek support from students

Reba Sikder and Kalpona Akter spoke to students at the University of Minnesota Friday.

Reba Sikder remembers waking amidst the rubble of her collapsed factory to the moans of a co-worker, trapped where the ceiling had fallen on him. With her leg pinned by debris, she was unable to help him.


Fast Laos and the quiet movement of Lao diaspora

“I have family, friends, and my culture here. I’m figuring out how to be…’Lao’.” -Anonymous (Origin: Toulouse, France)

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