SUPPERTIME | It's about the beer flights at JL Beers

Suppertime is a blog in comics form, exploring local restaurants, bars and other food establishments in and around the Twin Cities. I eat, I talk, I draw. 

In this Suppertime, we visited JL Beers. The food was good, the staff was friendly, but it was all about the beer flights.

Doggie date night #1: Lake Nokomis

By this time of the summer, the “ohmydog, the weather isn’t trying to kill me anymore!” novelty of being outside can wear off, and it gets easy to fall into a rut: you and your partner take your pooch to the dog park and then to your favorite dog-friendly patio, night after night, all summer long. And it’s lovely, and you enjoy it, but isn’t it time to shake it up? Winter always comes too soon, so you’ve got to get out there and soak up the best of summer while you can.


CV | Riverfront Fest shows off Sheridan Memorial Park

Video below

Sheridan Memorial Park, a new park that recently opened on the upper Mississippi River in Northeast Minneapolis, hosted the second annual Riverfront Fest on August 1. The event, a project of the Mississippi River Partnership, aims to create awareness of the importance of the river in Minneapolis. For many attendees, it was their first look at the park, which features a veteran's memorial created by artist Robert Smart. The project was a collaboration between a group of World War II veterans, the Sheridan Neighborhood Organization, and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board.


Fancy Ray to host 16th Annual Hosmer Library Talent Show, August 9

Showcase founder Roy Woodstrom

It’s hard to find a more authentic cross section of South Minneapolis’ cultural diversity in one place at one time than the annual Hosmer Library Talent Show, which this month enjoys its 16th year. This is not, by the way, a contest where you come to try and finish first or at the very least second or third. It’s a community get-together where you come to cheerfully leave the daily grind behind and casually connect with your neighbors—including the ones you didn’t know before. And, as the area has grown increasingly international in its ethnicities, Hosmer Library’s outreach has seen to it that so does representation among performers.


National Night Out 2014: Community spirit in the Twin Cities

Update: Scroll down to the Storify to see scenes from 2014's National Night Out.

It's that time of year again, National Night Out is back! Celebrated the first Tuesday of August, this year's NNO will mark 31 years of communities across the nation coming together with “lights on, dusk to dawn,” to get to know neighbors, reflect on community happenings, and sip root beer floats while planning ways to promote safer neighborhoods.


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, August 4,–Sunday 10, 2014

We have about a month of summer left. Folks who bring us all the State Fair fun have been breaking in the fairgrounds and getting ready for the great get-together. The summer has not been lazy for a lot of us, especially the young people who have been pedaling around Storymobile, which has been a great way for us to meet even more neighbors than we’ve collected through the years of publishing the Saint Paul Almanac. If you have not encountered the lure of the shiny red box and bike, look for us and we will ask, “Do you have a story to share with us?” We want you to tell us about one or many of the things you love about Saint Paul. Think about it. In the meantime, read about some other Saint Paul loves that might just bring a smile to your face.


Kräftskiva: Food, beer and Haley Bonar outside the Bachelor Farmer

Saturday night outside the Bachelor Farmer felt like the summer night we deserve in Minnesota after last winter. The weather was a little dicey - it rained for a while - but it just didn't matter. People of all ages were there to see music, eat fancy picnic style food and drink a little local craft beer in a fun parking-lot location above the Mississippi and overlooking the back of the downtown skyline. (What a pretty city!)


TC Spotlight | Outdoor tours: Segways, trolleys, riverboats and more!

(Photos by Paige Elliott except where noted)

Summers in Minnesota are beautiful but short. A great way to savor the summer days is to take a tour of all the gorgeous rivers, lakes, and historical sights the Twin Cities has to offer. So, for TC Spotlight this week we’ve highlighted just a few of the many outdoor tours around town to help you get out and soak up the rest of the summer. Share your favorite summer tours and activities in the comment section below.


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, July 28–Sunday, August 3, 2014

We are marking the days until the second Thursday of September, the same Thursday each year on which we hold one of the best parties in Lowertown. It is the Release Party for the 2015 Saint Paul Almanac, and it will, again, be a very fun night at the Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar. While the 2015 Almanac is getting put together at the bindery, we are asking you to do the opposite with old editions of the almanac. Yes, you can still get an old edition of the tome and take it apart, THEN MAKE SOMETHING WONDERFUL OUT OF IT! We are asking artists and people who fail to think of themselves as artists to take an old edition of the Saint Paul Almanac and re-image it into newly imagined pieces of art. SAINT PAUL ALMANAC: RE:BOOKED. Display your work at the AZ Gallery, and WIN A CASH PRIZE. There is still time to participate — in this project or in other ways. The book art will be on display through September at the AZ Gallery and during the Thursday, September 11 Book Release Party. If you are interested, contact Lisa at lisa [at] saintpaulalmanac [dot] org and put “RE:BOOKED” in the subject field. In the meantime, our Almanac arts calendaris filled with things to keep us busy.


Tour de Fat: A fun event with or without beer and a bike

I know the whole focus of the Tour de Fat is beer and bikes but when you’re hanging with a 10 year old and you live pretty far away from the location, beers and bikes are less appealing than event as a whole. But I’m happy to report that Tour de Fat can be fun with or without the beer and bike.

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