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COMMENT of the WEEK — Another reason for 'works of the fantastic'

A Community Voices article this week inspired one comment that took the writer's topic to a new and broader dimension of discussion. On March 3 Alan DeNiro lamented a lack of science fiction and fantasy among works of adult fiction nominated for the book awards (Minnesota Book Awards need to be fixed.)


Why I didn't have the heart to give birth to a black boy

I went into labor with my first child in 1990, and I knew I wanted a girl. By 1992 I was with child again, but this time I prayed for a boy.


NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | Plan a tea party at A Cupcake Social

With flavors like Red Velvet, Death by Chocolate, Hawaiian Dream, Samoa, Dreamsicle, Oh Joy! and Pistachio Chocolate, you might be standing at the counter awhile.

The corner at 28th Ave. and 38th St. is a popular destination these days. Last fall, Keen Coffee opened on the southwest corner, filling the space vacated by Tillie’s Bean.


COMMUNITY VOICES | The aftermath: An introspective look on the Unchain Our Children rally

Photos By: 
Christina Cerruti

On Wednesday, February 26th, NAACP St. Paul Youth and Collegiate Branch and students from Central High School hosted a youth organized protest and walk out against the school to prison pipeline. This was a project that stems from student concerns about the mistreatment of low income youth and youth of color within the school system. The “Unchain Our Children” movement was birthed out of a desire to bring more awareness to the systematic complexities and harms of the school to prison pipeline.


OUR STORIES | Ancestry Books is coming to North Minneapolis!

On Thursday January 23rd my partner, Verna Wong, and I signed a lease on a storefront located at 2205 Lowry Avenue N. Minneapolis to be used for our bookstore, Ancestry Books.


Why I gave Tommy Rukavina the finger

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Minnesota Book Awards need to be fixed

Several weeks ago, the finalists for the 26th annual Minnesota Book Awards were released. As with most other years, I wonder if this is going to be a year when the pattern is broken. But it’s not.

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