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COMMUNITY VOICES | It’s a whopper: PolyMet’s myth of 99.38% tailings seepage collection

Map was prepared by Geologist J.D. Lehr 

In January, the Ely Timberjay broke the story that PolyMet’s Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) had a problem; its water flow modeling was flawed. Definitely a big problem when the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) seriously underestimated the amount of water available to transport pollutants. Perhaps a show-stopping problem; the DNR is not talking. The Tribes have been saying for years that water flow numbers were wrong.


MN VIDEOS | The Naked Songwriter, episode 14 — Mayda

Born in South Korea, Mayda was adopted into a Twin Cities family that appreciated music but didn't have the emotional connection to it that she did. She has gone onto become a staple in the Minneapolis music scene.


MN VIDEOS | The Muslim experience in Minnesota

This video, presented by the Islamic Resource Group and Minnesota Historical Society, details the history and experiences of Minnesotan Muslims via oral narrations from various members of the community.


NorthMet: EPA mining document highlights

Since November of 2013, Public Record Media has been collecting agency correspondence related to mining operations in northern Minnesota, including the proposed PolyMet "NorthMet" copper-sulfide mi


Update on FAA drone record request

Public Record Media has received an update from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on its


City View Tutoring Center grand opening March 11

After much work and persistence from Northside Resident Redevelopment Council board member Victor Martinez, the City View Tutoring center will finally be opening March 11! The City


COMMENT of the WEEK — Another reason for 'works of the fantastic'

A Community Voices article this week inspired one comment that took the writer's topic to a new and broader dimension of discussion. On March 3 Alan DeNiro lamented a lack of science fiction and fantasy among works of adult fiction nominated for the book awards (Minnesota Book Awards need to be fixed.)

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