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NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | June-July 2014 Standish-Ericsson community calendar


3 Senior congregate dining, Sibley Park (19th Ave. S. and E. 40th St.), 11:30 a.m.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Urban Vintage opens in SENA

Linda Sorenson and James Wilson are the owners of 42nd St. Urban Vintage.

Urban Vintage has replaced Diva Rags at 42nd St. and Cedar Ave.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Region between Twin Cities and Duluth points toward opportunity

In 2013, Polaris Industries completed a $20 million expansion that doubled the size of its research and development facility in the GPS 45:93 region. 

While the Twin Cities and Duluth have historically been the bosses when it comes to Minnesota economic activity, five counties nestled in between are now getting a second look by developers and sit


COMMUNITY VOICES | #OromoProtests in Perspective

Oromo students protesting in Burayu. (Image courtesy of

Since April 25th, thousands of high school and university students across Ethiopia’s largest region, Oromia, have turned out in peaceful protest against a government land grab that stands to displace millions of indigenous peoples from their ancestral lands. Even though the country’s constitution theoretically allows for peaceful demonstrations, the student protesters, along with local populations in many cities and towns, have faced a ruthless crackdown from Ethiopian Special Forces, known as the Agazi Commandos. These forces have used excessive violence by indiscriminately shooting into crowds in an attempt to quash the protests. Children as young as eleven years old have been killed, according to statement issued by Amnesty International on May 13, and reports of fatal injuries, torture, imprisonment, disappearances and killings have been coming out of Ethiopia since then.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Eden Prairie's SWLRT Municipal Consent Hearing

The recommended preliminary plan to align light rail and freight rail through the Kenilworth corridor in Minneapolis or (during earlier considerations) routing freight rail through St.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson in Minneapolis: An exercise in racial slurs with a thin coating of white shaming

Does Minnesota know itself well enough to responsibly produce a show like Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson? The title makes the play sound like a fun, maybe even gory, critique of our seventh president, about whom most Americans have heard contradictory ideas. Whether or not we've investigated the subject, it sounds like attending this play will likely cast a clearer light on a shadowy part of American history, one that might include a critique of the spectacular violence waged from 1829-1837 by the slaveholding president dubbed Old Hickory. Maybe Bloody Bloody will take Andrew Jackson's campaign of ethnic cleansing head on? Maybe it will acknowledge the thousands of Native Americans he killed. As a Native American, a playwright, a musical theatre fan, and artistic director of New Native Theatre, I say right on. What a wonderful opportunity and contribution to American theatre to see a play responsibly take up these important issues, issues that have determined Native American inclusion and access. We need as many advocates in the media as we can get. But that's not what happens, instead this script, written by J. Michael Friedman and Alex Timbers reinforces stereotypes and leaves me assaulted, manipulated and devastatingly used as a means to a weak and codependent end.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Minnesota Transitions School students explore their school's history with animation

Students at the Minnesota Transitions Charter High School and Elementary School explored history through animation working on a project this year with Teaching Artist John Akre. They made a stop-motion animated documentary that traces the history of the High School's location near Lake and Minnehaha from prairie to the present.


Mining records: DNR document review #1

Public Record Media has been reviewing documents released under a 2013 Data Practices Act request to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  The documents relate to several minin


COMMUNITY VOICES | Greenway Experience Open Street helps residents imagine a new kind of street

On May 31, North Girard and Humboldt Avenues North were cleared of car traffic from Broadway to 42nd Avenue for the first Open Streets event of the summer. People rode bikes and other kinds of human powered devices, walked, played music, created art and hung out over a temporary north-south greenway across north Minneapolis.

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