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E-DEMOCRACY | Playing the blame game in education

Tom Goldstein posted at 8:10pm, Jul 05:

I think the most significant problem in education right now is that no one is willing to take ultimate responsibility for the welfare of all children. Teachers blame parents or kids... while parents, some politicians, and administrators blame teachers. Teachers in turn blame administrators--or school board members. School board members blame the state or the federal government for a lack of funds or onerous expectations or whatever, while the state or federal government mandates an ever-changing patchwork of rules and regulations--and the cycle just perpetuates itself. Rarely, if ever, do you hear anybody willing to take responsibility or be held accountable, except in ways where there are no real consequences.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Constant growth--the cancer model: Southwest LRT v. democracy

Shallow tunnel construction, St. Louis MO, 1/7/2005

I can’t help thinking about the easiest, cheapest, action to mitigate climate change: plant trees.

We would lose 10,000 inner city trees with the proposed Southwest Light Rail Transit shallow tunnels plan through the Cedar Lake Park and Kenilworth bike trails. In the current but ever-morphing Met Council plan only 480 "significant" trees would be cut—the largest trees.

The other almost 90 percent of the vegetation is "not significant." In Met Council/Hennepin County Commission SWLRT development plans, not all trees or people count equally


COMMUNITY VOICES | Sheridan Memorial Park is now open!

The Grand Opening of Sheridan Memorial Park, a monument dedicated to veterans and to peace, was celebrated on Saturday, June 28th. The park, along the Mississippi River in the Sheridan Neighborhood, features a monumental sculpture by Northeast artist Robert Smart, interpretive elements, and a great view of the Mississippi River.


NEIGHBORHOOD NOTES | West End July 2014 calendar of events

Thursday, July 3: West 7th Enhancement Coalition monthly meeting
11 a..m.: at Mancini's. All welcome! The Enhancement Coalition is a committee of the West 7th Business Association. FYI: email terrace [at] winternet [dot] com or 651-222-5536


E-DEMOCRACY | Wildlife marauders in St. Paul

Photo by Nina Stawski, Some rights reserved, published under Creative Commons license.

Gail O'Hare posted at 7:00pm, Jun 28:

Over the past two nights, lilies along the side of our house have been savaged by something. What's going on? This has NEVER happened before, and those treasured lilies have bloomed there for at least 15 years. Neither rabbits nor deer ever touched them. There does seem to be a multitude of aggressive chipmunks (a contradiction in terms? uh-uh) that actually climbed tulips to bite off the flowers earlier this spring. But whatever is doing this makes the first bite about a foot off the ground and then munches leaves and buds clean off the fallen stalks.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Doug Mann, the Green Party's candidate for Minneapolis School Board, citywide

     There are a total of 7 candidates for Minneapolis School Board, citywide, who will be on the ballot in the primary election, to be held on the 2nd Tuesday in August. 


COMMUNITY VOICES | PolyMet supporters spread misinformation concerning efficacy of iron amendment for Minnesota waters

Fear-mongering is the latest buzzword being used by the sulfide mining industry and its supporters, used to divert attention away from the toxic metal poisoning of our children; primarily the resul


COMMUNITY VOICES | Strange nonsense at the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (and the MPCA)

Minnesota’s Environmental Quality Board (EQB), and it’s Climate Change Subcommittee, held a meeting on June 18, 2014.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Hiawatha Line opened 10 years ago

On June 26, 2004, the Hiawatha Line, the first new rail transit line built in the twin cities, opened with free rides and many activities. The line opened fifty years after the last street car line closed in Minneapolis, and just months after a long transit strike.


Public Record Media examination of Office of Legal Counsel "targeted killing" memo

On June 23rd, the White House produced the so-called al-Awlaki "targeted killing" memo, which had long been sought by government transparency and civil liberty groups.

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