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E-DEMOCRACY | After loss of Black Bear Crossing, what's next for Como Park Pavilion?

Renee Jenson posted at 6:50pm, Jun 19:

...Rumors are floating around about what the city intends to do with the Pavillion at Como Park. I think Como Park is a treasure of the city and that process needs to fully open and unbiased so everyone can have their say in it. Many of us in the Como area are appalled that we lost Black Bear Crossing and didn't even have a chance to storm City Hall with our protest signs chanting "2-4-6-8, Black Bear Crossing is really Great".


COMMUNITY VOICES | Frogtown Fresh Is In the air

Art + Community = Frogtown Fresh is a collaboration with the Frogtown Neighborhood Association and the Creative Thinkers Group.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Doc U trains new documentarians

Photos By: 

SPNN staff member Peter Poire-Odegard works with Doc U 2013 participant Veronica Ochoa as she edits her documentary.

This year, a dozen people will have the chance to tell their stories and become first time documentarians through the Doc U program at Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) St.

COMMUNITY VOICES | The timing is better than ever for immigration reform

For more than a year, members of Congress have debated significant updates to the American immigration system.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Beyond pipes: Master plumber benefits from Section 3 classes

Vincent Lopez, who resides in the Powderhorn neighborhood at a new home he plumbed in St. Paul’s Highland neighborhood. His business, Service Tech Plumbing, LLC is located in Brooklyn Park

The road to becoming a master plumber takes almost as many years of study as that of a doctor – six years to be exact, of classes and apprenticeships and seemingly endless hoops to jump through for certifications and licensing.


COMMUNITY VOICES | Third Annual Northeast Ride is fun despite the weather

The Northeast Ride, a guided bike tour around all the neighborhoods of Northeast Minneapolis, took place on Saturday, June 14th. It was a rainy, stormy morning, but despite the weather, dozens of bicyclists came out to ride a course that took them all around the Northeast Community.


Mining records: DNR document review #2

Public Record Media has posted a second set of documents obtained through a public data request made to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  The documents largely center on metallic


COMMUNITY VOICES | We Ride Northeast, 2014

Photos by Angela Lundberg

This Saturday the Northeast Community Development Corporation (CDC) hosted the third annual Northeast Ride, a bicycle tour of 'Nordeast' Minneapolis.

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