COMMUNITY VOICES | Timid Video Parody: gallery & garret

Timid Video Theater has shaped an improvised walkabout of two superb art galleries with humorist Jon Spayde and Minnetonka’s Pam Scherling into a kind of skewed but whimsical parody of TPT’a arts m


Think before you ink: Tattoos might be everywhere—but Minnesota requires teens to wait

Miley Cyrus has a dream catcher on the right side of her abs. Justin Bieber has an eye with “Believe” under his right arm. LeBron James has Chosen1 stretched across his back.


MN VIDEOS | Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf grand opening by Minneapolis teens

Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarf was created and is run through the Brian Coyle Center by East African women between the ages of 14 and 23 who reside in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis.

GRAND OPENING: Friday, February 28, 4-6:30 p.m. at African Development Center, 1931 South 5th Street, Minneapolis, MN

The planning process began more than a year ago when they girls decided that they wanted to build something positive in the neighborhood for other girls. The focus of this social enterprise on personal and professional development, women and youth empowerment, and business skills from customer service to event planning and more taught the girls skills they can use in the future. While the colorful variety of scarves, dresses, blouses, jackets, and accessories in various styles and sizes are meant to provide worthwhile affordable clothing options for the students and others in the neighborhood.


The circle world of Anna's Tailoring

Anna’s Tailoring is an unassuming storefront, between Toby’s Styling Shop and The Cork Dork on Cedar Ave. Inside is a beautiful shop filled with potted plants and angel figurines, along with sewing machines, some other equipment, and a changing stall. The business is owned and operated by Anna, also known as Jong Hwa Ra.


Chowgirls Catering's Love Stories art exhibition curated by Rudy Fig and Katie Carpenter: A magical way to celebrate Valentine's Day

I've never really been into Valentine's Day, but of all of the holidays it's the only one where we're not somehow obligated to spend and uncomfortable and awkward day with our families. Because of this V-Day is the most versatile of our western holidays; as long as it involves the color pink and eating chocolate.


ART REVIEW | "Spirit + Matter" exhibit at Augsburg College makes you feel the love

Photo credit Jean Greenwood.

Does spirit matter? Is matter spirited? Whether or not you’ve pondered such questions, you might find your native inquisitiveness fed by a new exhibit at Augsburg College’s Gage Family Art Gallery, located on the first level of the Oren Gateway Center, 2211 Riverside Avenue in Minneapolis.


My Kuhl Jak Rabbit #1007

I got something really Kuhl as a Christmas present this year. It’s a “Men’s Jak Rabbit #1007,” a sort of fuzzy-soft jacket sweater with a zipper pocket over the heart area for toting, I suppose, warm feelings about the cell phone I don’t own.


Posh: A family hair affair

One of the career aspirations of Posh Hair Salon owner Tunisunia Reed is to work as a freelance hairstylist.

All in the family is exactly how Tunisunia Reed keeps it at her salon in south Minneapolis.


Seven questions with Vanessa Panemalaythong, Lao Miss Minnesota USA contestant

Miss Minnesota USA recently held its annual pageant and Lao Minnesotan Vanessa Panemalaythong was there representing the community. She made it to #15, which many consider a very good placing for her first time competing. Little Laos on the Prairie had an opportunity to catch up with her before the holidays kicked into full-swing to find out more about her and her next directions.


Amy Alderete of Amyanne Fashions: Making people look good and feel confident

Photos By: 
Ryan Cutler

I’ve known Amy Alderete of Amyanne Fashions since 3rd grade and even though she is just beginning her career in fashion, she approaches every project like a veteran and is tirelessly dedicated to her craft. She has studied in both LA and London and is now back in her hometown of Minneapolis presenting her work in shows all over the city.

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