Every November, somebody's running for something. In 2013, Minneapolis has mayoral and city council elections and St. Paul has a mayoral election and school board contests. Click on the links below for our election coverage — and look for the "Candidates answer your questions" articles for each race. You can ask questions of the candidates in a particular race, and we'll forward your questions and ask the candidates for answers. 

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A year out, University of Minnesota reflects on tuition freeze

Most University of Minnesota undergraduates didn’t see a tuition increase this year, but others weren’t so lucky.


E-DEMOCRACY | Minneapolis Public schools, attendance boundaries, and civil rights

Editor's note: Seward Montessori School is located at 2309 28th Avenue South, Minneapolis. According to its website, it became a K-8 school back in the 1990s. This E-Democracy discussion thread has two concerns: 1) What's a Montessori school for grades 6-8? and 2) Where should Minneapolis invest money in order to provide good schools for all students? 

From: Sue Kolstad Date: 7:26pm, Apr 19

An interesting illustration of what happens when you convert elementary and middle schools to K-8: Seward Montessori School. It was changed from K-6 to K-8. I have yet to see literature that explains how the Montessori Method is adapted to grades above approximately 3rd grade. The building capacity is 700 and the enrollment is 900. Two things at work. One is the popularity of the program and the other is the addition of 2 grades. Now the district plans to build a 3 story addition to hold the extra 200 students. What about using that money to improve programs at the under attended schools?


The Constitution and the failures of contemporary American politics

Is the polarization and dysfunctionalism in contemporary American politics an accident or a product of design failure? The more one thinks about it the conclusion may well be that the many of the problems now confronting the United States are the product of a faulty Constitution, or at least one that may perhaps have outlived its times.


Minneapolis School Board candidates give their solutions to public school problems

Candidates address the audience about how they would solve problems in public education in Minneapolis. Photo credit: Stephanie Fox

Delegates to the April 26 Minneapolis DFL City Convention, along with a handful of parents and educators, sat in the half-filled auditorium April 17 at Sabathani Community Center to hear candidates for the Minneapolis School Board give their views on what can be done to improve public school education in the city. The forum was sponsored by the Coalition for Quality Public Schools, a group focused on addressing racial and economic disparities in local schools.


In tight race, Somalis turn out for Mohamud Noor, possibly Rep. Phyllis Kahn's toughest challenger in 42 years

Phyllis Kahn and Mohamud Noor will run against each other in the 2014 election. (Photo at left by Mark Vancleave, Daily file photo on right by Holly Peterson)

The surge in political activism from Somali-Americans in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood is putting pressure on longstanding Rep. Phyllis Kahn, DFL-Minneapolis, to prove that she deserves another term in the state Legislature.


Achievement gap or education debt? Minneapolis school board candidates face questions

Nelson Inz, seated; Ira Jourdain speaking.

Is “education debt” a more accurate description than “achievement gap?”

This was one of the early questions in the April 12 Minneapolis school board candidate forum put on by Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC). The forum is one of several being held before the  April 26 DFL Convention, when delegates may or may not choose to endorse school board candidates.


Kahn, Noor head to primary battle as convention fails to endorse

Longtime State Representative Phyllis Kahn lost out on a DFL endorsement at the 2014 Senate District 60 Endorsing Convention on April 5, as Somali candidate and current school board member Mohamud Noor brought enough delegates to keep her vote total below the 60 percent needed for endorsement. The convention at De La Salle High School, which lasted nearly 10 hours, ended without an endorsement of either candidate, leaving them both to vie against each other in the August primary.


The lessons of McCutcheon: The First Amendment as thuggery

Since when did the First Amendment become a tool of thuggery to suppress speech rather than enhance it? This is essentially what the Roberts Supreme Court did in the recent McCutcheon v F.E.C. decision striking down aggregate political contribution limits.


Campaign finance and the meaning of Mary Burke

Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court gave even more political power to Big Wealth. My in-box was full of talk about what this means for the country. Since I’d be described, correctly, as “leaning Left”, you can guess where my chatter comes from. I often rely on Alan at Just Above Sunset to summarize what the Big People (the pundit class) are saying about what National Stuff means. So, if you’re interested, here’s his overnight post on McCutcheon and what people are saying it means.

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