IARP Cruise with Iraqi Women Leaders

07/02/2013 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Meet and support courageous women leaders from Iraq

Passenger (1 Ticket): $50

Empowering Sponsor (8 Tickets and a Table for 8): $400

Supporting Sponsor (6 Tickets and a Table for 6): $300

Click here to reserve your tickets.

Questions: luke [at] reconciliationproject [dot] org or 612-367-6194

All proceeds will support the hosting of our featured guests on the cruise, 8-10 Iraqi women leaders visiting the Twin Cities for leadership training, contacts with women’s rights organizations, and public presentations to Americans.

Iraqi women have seen a backward slide in their rights since 2003. These women are courageously traveling to Minnesota to learn and become better leaders for women’s rights in Iraq. Please join us in supporting them.

Dinner will be served

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