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Celebrar cultura Latina, bicicletas y mas este agosto en el mercado de productores de Midtown

Este agosto en el mercado agrícola Midtown estaremos celebrando cultura Latina en South Minneapolis, bicicletas y mucho mas, así que venga para productos frescos, comidas deliciosas y para participar en las actividades divertidos. El 16 de agosto, el mercado celebrara Día de Bici y servirá como parada bonos de Powderhorn 24. Este día ofrecerá valet de bici por Calhoun Cycle para nuestras clientes que llegan en bici, mesas de la comunidad como Spokes, Grease Rag, el Minneapolis Bike Tour, y mas! Nuestra Festival de Maíz recalcara la cultura Latina y celebrar esta comunidad maravillosa por comida, música y danza. Diversiones incluirán música por Axolotl e Alma Andina, junto con danza tradicional Azteca. Va a ver también una demonstración de tema cultural, una demonstración de preparación de maíz tradicional, y organizaciones comunitarios como El Colegio y el Centro de Desarrollo Económico Latino. Con una actividad familiar de segundo sábado y Demo de Cocinar Sabores Midtown el 9 Agosto el mercado albergara otra campana de donación de sangre el 30 de Agosto con Memorial Blood Centers. También acordarse de llegar a Rail Station el 21 de Agosto, cuando 10% de su comida y bebidas de esta noche ayudaran a apoyar el mercado! Con todas las actividades que se ofrece el mes, hay algo para cada quien!


Celebrate Latino culture, bikes and more this August at the Midtown Farmers Market

This August at the Midtown Farmers Market we will be celebrating Latino culture in South Minneapolis, bicycles and much more, so come on down for some great produce, delicious eats and to partake in the festivities. On August 16th, the market will celebrate Bike Day and serve as a bonus stop for Powderhorn 24. The day will offer a bike valet from Calhoun Cycle for all of our customers who bike to the market, community tables such as Spokes, Grease Rag, the Minneapolis Bike Tour and more! Our Festival del Maiz on August 23rd will highlight Latino culture and celebrate this diverse and amazing community through food, music, art and dance. Entertainment will include music by Axolotl and Alma Andina, along with traditional Aztec dance. There will also be a culturally themed cooking demo, a traditional corn preparation demonstration by Proyecto Zenteotl and community organizations such as El Colegio and the Latino Economic Development Center. Along with a 2nd Saturday Family Activity and Midtown Flavors Cooking Demo on August 9th, the market will also host another Blood Drive on August 30th with Memorial Blood Centers. Also be sure to stop in at the Rail Station on August 21st, when 10% of your meal and drinks from that night will help support the market! With all of the activities that the month has to offer, there is sure to be something for everyone!


Comprando rico y sano: Un esfuerzo de acción comunitaria

Por el mes pasado la feria Agrícola ha estado colaborando con Acción Comunitario de Minneapolis para introducir un programa nuevo que se llama Comprando Rico y Sano. Comprando Rico y Sano es un programa implementado por todo el país por la Conseja Nacional de La Raza, y espera educar y mejorar la salud de comunidades Latinas de alcance nacional.


Buying tasty and healthy: A Community Action endeavor

For the past month the Midtown Farmers Market has been collaborating with Community Action of Minneapolis (CAMPLS) to launch a new program called Comprando Rico y Sano. Comprando Rico y Sano is a program being implemented across the country by the National Council of La Raza, and aims to educate and improve the health of Latino communities nationwide.


A peek at the Cold Climate Wine Competition

It is a few days before the gates open at the 2014 Minnesota State Fair and I find myself peeking into a conference room at the University of Minnesota. Wine glasses and flutes clink together as official-looking-types wheel carts of red and white samples to the judging tables that flank the room. Grape growers, wine makers, chefs, instructors, and wine-loving volunteers are gathered to help judge the 6th Annual Cold Climate Wine Competition. I can smell wine on their collective breaths and worry that the light fragrance I tucked under my blouse early in the morning will contaminate the judges’ refined palates as they swirl and sip.


IGGERS DIGEST | Big bang for your buck at Somali Boolaay Restaurant

Ten bucks buys a lot of food at Boolaay, the little Somali restaurant on Eat Street = not to be confused with Bouley, Daniel Bouley's upscale French restaurant in Manhattan. 

Ten bucks buys a lot of tasty food at Boolaay Somali restaurant - not to be confused with Bouley, the upscale French restaurant in Manhattan. At Bouley, the appetizers start at $22 at lunch for the Porcini Flan with Alaska Live Dungeness Crab and Black Truffle Dashi. At Boolaay, ten bucks gets you a big plate piled high with savory rice pilaf and diced chicken or beef suqaar, plus vegetable soup, salad, fruit drink and a ripe banana - easily enough for two. A variety of other entrees and baked goods are also offered, to dine in or take out.


GLOBAL GROCERIES | Cinco de Mayo Mercado deserves its many fans

(Photos by Stephanie Fox)

I came across Cinco de Mayo Mercado almost by accident.


Kräftskiva and crustacean slivers

I woke up this morning with dainty crayfish shards embedded in my fingers. Crustacean slivers are evidence of a good food event in the bearer's immediate past.

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