In bloom: On reaching a parental tipping point

I wonder if this happens to every pause midstream and look up and think, "Oh, this. This is why I wanted to be a parent." I can't really explain it and I will sound like a scary mommy when I admit that some phases of parenting for me were just plain ick. Babies and toddlers were not my game. Sure, I loved a good rock in the chair, story time, and inhaling the precious new baby smell but after really did feel like living in the trenches. Toddlers make you question your sanity every single day yet I know some moms who loved that stuff and still go weak when they encounter a newborn and become wistful whenever they pass the toddler section of Target. Mostly I think, "I am glad it is not me." These are hard thoughts to admit to and definitely not popular because who can disses a baby? But it is true for me.


Registration open for 'speaker’s platform' at Powderhorn Park Fourth of July celebration

This Fourth of July at Powderhorn everyone will have an opportunity to speak up and be heard. Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association and Southside Pride are co-sponsoring a speaker’s platform on the Tea House on the Lake. Before the age of Twitter and email, before radio and television, there was an American tradition that on the Fourth of July families would gather in the parks and playgrounds of the public schools and eat a picnic lunch while listening to speakers debate the important issues of the day. This was the principal source of information for most people about slavery, women’s suffrage and wars. Those speeches were the mass media and social media of their day. Today, communication is reduced to bytes and sound bites and 140 characters.


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, June 2–Sunday, June 8, 2014

June is a busy month for the Saint Paul Almanac. There are a lot of dates you should save: June 3, June 14, and June 27, to be specific. We have been telling Saint Paul’s story in many ways for many years. We still are looking for more stories, more voices, and new ways to collect them. On Tuesday, June 3, we will be celebrating at the Amsterdam with our new look. On June 14, we will show off our new Storymobile at the Victoria Green Line station for the Green Line Opening.


Toys of the '50s, '60s, and '70s: Childhood revisited

A while ago I was contacted about a story I posted on this blog about Baby Brother Tenderlove, an anatomically correct boy doll that hit toy shelves in the 1970s. I was told that The Minnesota History Center was planning a toy exhibit and publishing a companion book that would include stories from those of us who were willing to share our memories of that time and those playthings. Fast forward nearly one year and there I am on page 152. Pretty neat!


2nd Annual Concours d'Elegance at Excelsior Commons

Photos by Patrick Dunn

A little rain did not hamper the spirit behind the 2nd annual Concours d’Elegance where an exclusive selection of automobiles lined the charming streets of Excelsior Commons Sunday, June 1st.


Minne-Faire 2014 with a winning Hackmobile

Much of the Fifth Minne-Faire occurs inside so the rainy weather was not too much of a factor on Saturday, the 31 of May. I wonder how food trucks cope?


BEHIND THE STORY | Let them have bikes

I had a Marie Antoinette moment at Open Streets in North Minneapolis this past weekend. I was talking to a young boy — maybe eight or nine years old — and he was bummed out because he didn’t have a bike. Did I know where he could try one out.? I had the immediate feeling of disbelief that a child of that age should be deprived of one of the greatest gifts of childhood —one that offers them freedom and mobility along with exercise. Was my privilege showing through?


Here's what I know about parenthood…

My path to parenthood was a stressful one. Infertility is a cruel beast. It seems that I spent my whole adult life trying not to get pregnant, and now that I wanted to, I couldn’t. After years of trying, which gets old very quickly, and doctors, and test, and appointments, and hopes dashed, and guilt setting in, I was finally pregnant! With twins!


MN VIDEOS | Cafesjian's Carousel celebrates 100 years

Video below

This beloved Saint Paul institution has entertained kids of all ages for 100 years - first at the State Fair, and now at Como Park. In this short video, you'll hear how this beautiful merry-go-round was almost lost, then saved.

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