Abdulrahman Adem, respected Twin Cities Somali leader and longtime MPS staff member, dies at 58

(Photo from Facebook) Abdulrahman Adem

The Twin Cities Somali community has lost an esteemed leader and a passionate advocate for Somali families.


Rediscovering Ruth

John and I moved last weekend. It was a long, tough two days. We schlepped a bunch of heavy items across town only to discard them. A couch, for instance…. Somehow we lost all my underwear. But we also found random relics from the past, which always happens when you move. A shirt I hadn’t seen in two years, a report my 22-year-old did in fourth grade, and a folder of clippings.


Dog Park detective: Alpine Off-Leash Dog Park

The Day: Sunday, July 13th, a cool and breezy 66 degrees

The Dog: Snuggly Buggly, a Border Collie mix

The Park: Alpine Off-leash Dog Park (off of Sunfish Lake Boulevard and Alpine Drive in Ramsey)

The Amenities: Large fenced-in park with a doggie drinking fountain, dog duty pick-up bags, and picnic benches


Decline in hunting permits shows shifting leisure trends

The romantic image of the hunter in Minnesota’s popular culture will continue to hold substantial weight with many Minnesotans. However, this image is becoming increasingly inaccurate. From our history as a leader in the fur trapping industry during the 18th and 19th centuries to annual expeditions for the November deer hunting season opener, Minnesotan’s relationship with hunting can be described as quixotic at best. We're not hunting nearly as much as we thought we were.


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, July 14–Sunday, July 20, 2014

Storymobile continues to roll through town and people continue to flock to it—not quite like the ice cream truck, but with more focus and sincerity… and you don’t have to ask Mom or Dad for money before Storymobile rolls by. We have young people pedalling hard to keep up with all of your stories. And Saint Paul’s arts community is giving us a lot to keep us busy, making new stories as we remember the old ones.


ST. PAUL NOTES | Drumming up community at Kopplin's

More than a dozen drums of all shapes and sizes line the sidewalk on Marshall Avenue outside a storefront. The drummers, too, come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and ages. It's Tuesday night, and time for the weekly drum circle in front of Kopplin's Café (2038 Marshall Avenue, St. Paul).


Consider the ape

As a kid, weekends meant hanging at my dad's apartment. Most Saturdays were spent watching old movies on TV. When "Planet of the Apes" or any of its manifestations played, I sidled up to the black and white set with a bowl of chips and a bottle of strawberry Pop Shoppe, happy to share the afternoon with Charlton and Roddy. I've always loved a good ape movie.


Memoirs of an 80s Minneapolis Slacker: Fear and loafing in the Whittier neighborhood, '79 - '86

In 1979 we saw, near the southwest corner of Whittier, an excellent pre-internet publicity stunt: on the exterior wall of the Yukon Club, then a 3.2 joint at Grand and Lake, a frame in which posters for events at the bar should have appeared. Within the frame, handwritten, it said: “Live. The Pistons. But not here.”


Only kindness matters

I have been thinking a lot about kindness. You know, me and Jewel.


The rhetoric of harm

Someone on facebook posted a link to You Are Triggering Me! The Neo-Liberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger and Trauma. It's by Jack Haberstam, someone I don't know, but I liked a lot of the essay, and I linked to it, saying the following:

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