Minne-Faire 2014 with a winning Hackmobile

Much of the Fifth Minne-Faire occurs inside so the rainy weather was not too much of a factor on Saturday, the 31 of May. I wonder how food trucks cope?


BEHIND THE STORY | Let them have bikes

I had a Marie Antoinette moment at Open Streets in North Minneapolis this past weekend. I was talking to a young boy — maybe eight or nine years old — and he was bummed out because he didn’t have a bike. Did I know where he could try one out.? I had the immediate feeling of disbelief that a child of that age should be deprived of one of the greatest gifts of childhood —one that offers them freedom and mobility along with exercise. Was my privilege showing through?


Here's what I know about parenthood…

My path to parenthood was a stressful one. Infertility is a cruel beast. It seems that I spent my whole adult life trying not to get pregnant, and now that I wanted to, I couldn’t. After years of trying, which gets old very quickly, and doctors, and test, and appointments, and hopes dashed, and guilt setting in, I was finally pregnant! With twins!


MN VIDEOS | Cafesjian's Carousel celebrates 100 years

Video below

This beloved Saint Paul institution has entertained kids of all ages for 100 years - first at the State Fair, and now at Como Park. In this short video, you'll hear how this beautiful merry-go-round was almost lost, then saved.


Remembering Maya Angelou, an influential legend

James Baldwin (l) with Maya Angelou

Yesterday, May 28th,my day started out like many others before it. I tuned into WBGO and heard the voice of the host of Mid-Day Jazz, Rhonda Hamilton. Instantly I could sense sadness in her tone, and then she said it: “Dr. Maya Angelou has passed at the age of 86.”


A great tree fell: Reflections on Maya Angelou's passing

It seems only fitting that I spent some of yesterday saying good-bye to a phenomenal woman, Maya Angelou, as she sang her last song on earth before flying freely into other worlds while I am in the heat of trying to raise my own phenomenal woman. My girl and I are facing some hard times, some sort of predictable challenges that come with being a young woman but with a bent that is worrisome to me.


TC Weekend | Grand Old Day, Waterfest, Open Streets North Minneapolis and more!

The official first day of summer may be June 21, but this weekend marks the unofficial launch of the summer festival season in the Twin Cities. The weather forecast shows a chance of scattered showers, but let's hope the sun wins out! See below for this weekend’s lively roster:



2014 Open Streets Minneapolis launches this weekend

Courtesy Open Streets Minneapolis 

Open Streets Minneapolis is back with a bang this year, with six events throughout the summer that kick off May 31 in North Minneapolis.


F it Dude, let's go bowling

The anticipation of Memorial Day Weekend awakens in me the excitement of a child before Christmas. A few nights before the big weekend I am sleepless at 3:30 AM thinking about the wonder before us. Memorial Day Weekend at our house is all about The Big Lebowski.


Memorial Day sketches: Twin Cities cemeteries

It’s Memorial Day weekend and many of us are going to spend some time paying our respects in a cemetery.

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