Another crappy apartment and more adventures with real life roommates

My kid: “Since we’re going to see the Matisse exhibit at the MIA can you show me any of the other apartments you lived in the Wedge in the 80’s? 

Me: “Oh yeah. I’m thinking of one dump in particular where I spent some of my wonder years.”


Cold April showers bring May soup

I am built for Minnesota winters. Physically, emotionally, socially: I thrive when the snow blows and temps dip below zero. I scoff at the weak who cannot tolerate endless Januaries and who complain constantly about the weather. Winter assures me that I am strong, invincible, rigorous, and healthy. Yup, I am THAT girl. I am the one you want to pelt with icicles when I skip along your frozen street whistling with joy.


Dog Park detective: Carver Park Reserve

The Day: April 11, a gorgeous 60 degrees

The Dog: PJ, a pointer/husky mix

The Park: Carver Park Reserve, off Highway 5 in Victoria


TC Weekend | Art in Bloom, Cinco de Mayo, MayDay, Festival of Nations & more!

We’ve endured puddles, potholes, puddles in potholes and chilly April showers -- now it’s time for some May flowers!  This weekend’s forecast calls for a bit more sun (crossing fingers), perfect for getting out to Art in Bloom, the Summer Flower Show, and the many festivals in the Twin Cities. Details below:


Red Hot Hack – first hackathon in rural Minnesota is a big success!

I spent last weekend with 40 or so of my newest friends designing apps over a Gigabit network. It was great! OK it was also tiring and intense, but I’m pretty sure all of us sign up again in a heartbeat!


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, April 28–Sunday, May 4, 2014

We are not quite recovered from this year's Saint Paul Art Crawl. It may be the best weekend in the Twin Cities, but this coming weekend doesn't look too shabby, either, and I think you might see some of the same faces out on the streets, with more than enough sights and sounds to make it worth your trip. The middle of the week doesn't look to bad, either. Get out, because our shining faces on the city may encourage spring to shine on us, eventually. Enjoy a quick look back [above and] below.


The forgotten fountains of Saint Paul

Someday I will travel abroad and sketch the famous fountains of Rome and Tivoli. However, there are fountains right here in downtown Saint Paul, maybe not as famous, but every bit as wonderful, in a Saint Paul sort of way. What Saint Paul fountains lack in artistic splendor, or even water, they make up in bleakness and pathos. They are eminently sketchable fountains.


No coots like old coots

We know that older fellows can get a little grumpy. Even guys who have been perfectly good company for most of their lives can bend towards gruffness in later years, and now some researchers have identified the tipping point at age 70.


Joy in the barn

There has been a lot on my mind lately. I don't know if it is the uncertain economy catching up with local foods, a flux of new CSAs or crazy weather making consumers doubt the CSA model but our CSAs numbers are way down. I am honestly scrambling. Trying to figure out how we might make ends meet this year and if we will be able to afford to farm next year. As much as I try to keep this space positive there is so much uncertainty right now and it is weighing on me. It seems agriculture across the board is feeling the hit. My friends that raise goats are struggling. My friends that run CSAs are struggling. Anyone I know who is trying to make a way for themselves is struggling.


St. Anthony Park Area Seniors wants to know what seniors want

St. Anthony Park Area Seniors is launching a study with a Wilder Foundation research team to find out what prospective clients may want from the organization.

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