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Today’s guest post comes from Renee.

“Renee! That damn dog is looking at me again!!”


A letter to all the dads

To all the Dads:

Thank you! I always knew that being a dad was quite an undertaking, but it wasn’t until Dave and I had Nava that I realized what a demanding job fatherhood truly is (and we are only 10 months in!) Of course, I am confident that I gave my dad a run for his money on occasion, but I did not have a full appreciation of what my dad gave me until Dave and I became parents. What better way to honor you than by dedicating an entire day to showering you with appreciation and love? With that, some specific characteristics that you bring to the table for which I am grateful:


The reluctant lover: A farm update

He called to say he'd be an hour late. A tiny inconvenience, but unavoidable. He'd had to drive to Eau Clare earlier in the day. Fortunately, the breeze was gentle. I didn't mind standing in the bright sunshine.


Overcoming anger and despair

How does one remain aware of the injustice and evil in the world, without becoming consumed with anger and/or despair? My role model in this is Howard Zinn, who was a civil rights activist and anti-war activist, the writer of The People's History of the United States -- a man with an acute sense of what was wrong with the world, but also an optimist and a man with a good sense of humor. Maybe part of the answer is The People's History, which describes what ordinary people have achieved. The dominent culture tells us either (a) everything is fine or (b) the struggles of ordinary people have never achieved anything good or (c) as bad as things are, there is no alternative. We need to be able to see struggle does result in achievement and there is always an alternative.


This week in Saint Paul: Monday, June 9–Sunday, June 15, 2014

I have been thinking about this week for some time. I have been wondering what I would say, what I would tell you about, and have been feeling overwhelmed. The summer is busy and is even more so this weekend with the Light Rail Transit Green Line Opening on June 14. With free rides from Lowertown to our neighbors in Minneapolis, there’s a lot to see, with activities, entertainment, and art at each stop. The Saint Paul Almanac will be at the Victoria Station with our Storymobile. Hopefully, we will see you there as well as a few other places this week.


COMMENTS of the WEEK | Hmong bride price returns

 A surprise and a pleasure in keeping tab on reader comments is how often a comment responds to an article you would have thought was long out-of-date.


The University of Minnesota and Tango create mapping tool for indoors

I love to see Minnesota get selected for cool technology projects –and being able to map indoors based on reading from the drone with a camera is pretty cool. The Line does a nice write up of the project…


Free & Frugal Family Fun June 6 - 12

Find more ideas on my Alphabet Adventures blog. For more family fun ideas, look for my book Twin Cities Free & Frugal Family Fun in local bookstores around the Twin Cities. All listings are free unless price is noted. Be sure to read the Disclaimer before you go to these events.

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