Anti-racism protesters shout down four neo-Nazis at Minneapolis "rally"

Hundreds of anti-racism protesters shouted down the four men who showed up to hold an advertised Nazi (National Socialist Movement) rally in Minneapolis Saturday morning, at the Midtown YWCA on Lake Street.

The final count was four neo-Nazis, more than 200 anti-Nazi protesters, 20 journalists and ten police officers.

They were met by a large crowd of anti-racism protesters. The counter-protesters had plenty of chants and some speeches. The Nazis didn't have much to say, other than a few shouted exchanges:


The Nazis, with their sign saying "Help the white race," were protected by Minneapolis police. Eventually, the four were escorted by police past South High to their car, followed by shouting protesters.

(For additional information, see Andy Birkey's article, Community organizes to protests neo-Nazi rally in Minneapolis.)


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    from what I saw the nazis were not forced out but they had to leave because the police said they would not stick around any longer. And why does one group get to violently tell the skinheads they cannot protest peacefully? what ever happened to the first amendment.It appears that anarchy/communism is already taking over our country.

    reply: neo-nazis

    "from what I saw the Nazis were not forced out but..." well the Nazis represent hate and hate speech.

    The Nazis out right killed people who weren't exactly like them. Different nationalities and sexual orientations were killed by them also. Do you want to support hate speech that will lead to hate crimes..... I think not! Because that is what happen in Germany.

    What at Nazis doing to make this a better world for all? Nothing.

    Not forced out?

    The racists looked like  the ones in combat mode, but you're saying that the nonviolent protesters forced them out? Sounds like a big bunch of chickens to me; when the cops leave, they have no-one to back them.

    NSM rhetoric is full of fists and fight; but when the come to a part of town they're not wanted, only the boys in blue will keep them safe?


    Nothing Like a Little Pseudo-Drama

    A friend and I read this article and laughed until we nearly passed out.  Four Nazis?  Oh, the horror!  All you DP amateurs managed to do was to give these "Nazis" their 15 minutes of fame by covering their ridiculous little caper.  This is SNL stuff.  

    Bone Heads Were Chased Out

    You were chased out. You even admit it in your above post. The police said that they were leaving, so you scurried off with your tail between your legs.

    As for the folks who believe that ignoring them is the best way to deal with them, you have a serious misunderstanding of these people.

    They do not crave attention, especially from what they called Jew media, they crave violence. If they had have been unopposed, there is a very real possibility that someone would have been hurt.

    They got owned yesterday and they were damned lucky that they got their early and that the police arrived before the ARA folks got there.

    They know it too. 

    Be Careful

    I am certainly no supporter of neo-Nazis, but I am also aware of the violence of fringe left (our celebrated Sara Olson and friends come to mind along with a long list of others). 

    And you said "They got owned yesterday and they were damned lucky that they got their early and that the police arrived before the ARA folks got there."  What does that mean?  Are you threatening violence?  Nice.

    Be careful that you are not one of those people who is is so politically polarized that you see despicable of one group and not the other.

    Hate speech vs. free speech

    The prior two commentators have missed the point.  The First Amendment applies to the government, i.e. we have rights under the First Amendment but the government has obligations.  The First Amendment applies to speech that criticizes the government. 

    Further, there is a difference between free speech and hate speech, organizing and action.  The community has every right--and I would argue obligation--to set standards and confront elements who would bring harm to the community.  No one argues for the "free speech" rights of drug dealers and there are plenty of efforts to run them out of neighborhoods.

    In 2001, about a dozen white supremacists held a rally on the state capitol steps, for the stated purpose of creating an organizing presence in the Twin Cities, and were met with thousands of people in peaceful but powerful opposition.  Two of the white supremacist supporters left the event, went to a playground, doused a Black child in gasoline and severely burned him.  This is but one example of the many harms these people have perpetrated and encouraged.  One need merely crack open a history book to find many other such examples.

    This past Saturday, the community took noble action to let white supremacist organizers know they are not wanted in our neighborhoods.  The action is laudable and I'm proud to have been part of it.

    Thank you

    Daily Planet - Thanks for covering this story.  I am from a small town in Southern MN and these same folks (NSM's) have been trying to stir things up down there.  We need to make sure they are stopped at every turn and one way is by covering stories like this.  It will serve to show the public that those with interests like NSM will not be tolerated in this Country.  They spew nothing but hate and carry a message that needs to be stopped.  Even though their (NSM) contingent was not large, the public needs to be aware that this type of idealism still exists and that was done with the help of the Daily Planet's story.  I thank you for your coverage!

    Free Speech Ain't Free

    I agree with Michelle who said, 'The community has every right--and I would argue obligation--to set standards and confront elements who would bring harm to the community.  No one argues for the "free speech" rights of drug dealers and there are plenty of efforts to run them out of neighborhoods.'

    Freedom of speech means the government can't make laws prohibiting most kinds of speech; it does not mean that one's speech has no consequences. Resisting, protesting and even forcing out hate speech, when it is done by the community, is not a restriction on freedom of speech. It is the reaction of a community to speech that they object to. Neo-nazis and others do have a right to say what they want, but that doesn't mean that no one can respond to their message. Freedom of speech covers replies as well.

    Would You Feel the Same Way About Mao or Che?

    Che was a butcher.  Mao killed many more people than Hitler.  I see people running around with Che tee shirts and Mao hats/purses.  Do we protest those people?  Mao killed scores of millions of people and under his rule suicide was an epidemic.  But some people love this guy.  Che was Castro's prison butcher among other things that are unspeakable.  But you are cool if you wear his image.  We should be insensed when you were this stuff, right?  Or are there good murders and good murders?