The end of remedial college classes?

MCTC grads.


Educators and lawmakers are divided over a proposal that would cut funding for developmental courses at state-run colleges



Fight for 15: Protest in Minneapolis for increased minimum wages

Protestors in Minneapolis rallied on Wednesday, April 15, on the University of Minnesota campus to demand a $15 minimum wage.


Everyone deserves an ID card regardless of status

Supporters of SF271, which would give undocumented immigrants the ability to get drivers' licenses, gather outside the MN Senate chamber after it passed in 2013.

Everyone, regardless of status, has the right to obtain an unmarked identification card.

MUSIC IN PHOTOS| Aar Maanta and Sankophoenix at the Cedar Cultural Center

Photos By: 
Corina Bernstein

Aar Maanta and Sankophoenix rocked the Cedar Cultural Center on Saturday, April 11th.


African Paradise Restaurant Opens in South Minneapolis

All week long, tantalizing aromas have been wafting from the doors of African Paradise Restaurant as they’ve rehearsed for their grand opening, Friday, March 20.


Power, Politics and Broken Elevators

Politics, dueling agendas and passionate pleas were all part of a recent  meeting at the Brian Coyle community center, where more than 250 tenants from the Cedar Riverside Towers showed up to

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